I love the endorphins rushing through my body when I go for a run! It makes my soul complete and yep pretty much it makes me feel good. I find all my solutions to all my problems when I’m out running and find clarity in everything I do, and it helps me create!! In…(Read More)

Our client James Fenton recently took on the Double Marathon – Race to the Tower – in the Cotswolds to raise money for the Cobalt Charity, one of the leading medical imaging and diagnostic centres who specialise in Cancer and Dementia. The run is a 52.4-mile double marathon through the heart of the idyllic Cotswolds…(Read More)

The blog today will be on the importance of teamwork at the Markland clinic, how it is central for having a successful physiotherapy practice as well as its importance in the treatment room. As such a small team our ability to trust, cooperate and communicate with each other has been hugely important for us to…(Read More)

We love our job and love working with the people of Cirencester. We hope this passion and dedication is reflected in our level of care and commitment to our clients. Here is 3 of the things we take pride in: Standard of care We work hard both in and out of the treatment room to…(Read More)

MRI Scans


Private MRI scans These are a vital tool in the diagnosis of some injuries.  Occasionally we may recommend that you need an MRI scan to assist your recovery. Alternatively, having been told by your GP that you are to be referred for an MRI scan, but you may have to wait for an appointment…(Read More)

Physiotherapy has changed a huge amount since I trained.  Physio is just like any other medical profession. With continuous research, it changes and discovers new effective treatments and assessment theories. How does The Markland Clinic stay up to date with the current medical research and evidence? We run weekly in-service training amongst the…(Read More)

Have you seen a surgeon and had an operation? Or are contemplating whether surgery is for you? How can we help you before surgery? We aim to start treatment early to prepare you for surgery. We will work with you on exercises to maximise the muscle strength, length and joint range of movement, to…(Read More)

Knee pain can be one of the disruptive elements of a good run. That dull achy pain in the front of your knee that won’t go away no matter what. Sometimes you can experience the same pain after sitting for long periods, and as time passes, the pain during activity or after long, sedentary…(Read More)

Kate recently completed the Royal Windsor triathlon with an impressive time of 3h 38m. This triathlon is one of the most iconic, running for 28 years and offers triathletes the chance to take on a stunning course in the Queen’s home town of Windsor in Berkshire. The first Royal Windsor Triathlon was created in…(Read More)

This month we are focussing on knee pain so make sure to check out previous blogs and videos on the knee anatomy and other useful tips to prevent your knees from stopping you do what you love. So here are my top 3 exercises for knees: Knee bends What does it do: This is a…(Read More)

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