Have you ever wondered what the best, most simplest thing for getting healthy would be? A lot of patients we see are always on the lookout for new ways to feel great, and live a healthier lifestyle – especially after experiencing something like an ankle injury that puts them out from walking for a while,…(Read More)

It’s July which means one thing – Summer is in full swing! And out of all the things I love about Summer most – picnics, BBQ’s, flip- flops and ice cream, maybe you can guess which one of them may not be so good for you… Nope, it’s not the ice cream. It’s…(Read More)

If you suffer from a back pain, then this article is really going to help you! But first, let me start by asking you something… How much water have you drunk today? For most people, the answer would be “not enough”. From everything we drink and swim in, to the ice that reduces swelling, water…(Read More)

Believe it or not – most people spend too much time in bed. And even more people make the mistake of thinking that more time in bed = more energy and feeling ready for the day. Now I know getting out of bed can be tough. The alarm goes off and for a moment and…(Read More)

It’s that magical time of year when long summer evenings call for lots of parties and dancing the night away in the summer breeze… it’s also a time when our Physio Rooms are buzzing with holiday plans and plenty of party invites… and that means lots of drinks on ice! If you’re…(Read More)

Let’s talk about exercise and back pain… Last week I had a question about back pain asked by one of our patients, Jackie, 58, from Cirencester – and it’s one that we get asked often (especially since the January gym rush!): “Is it ok to exercise when my back is hurting? I’ve just…(Read More)

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