With the days getting shorter and the nights longer, the dip in temperature now has me reaching to switch on my radiators… It’s also the time of year when I really try to amp up my running (or walking if you prefer that!). I’m not going to pretend that I ‘enjoy’ stepping outside…(Read More)

Let’s talk about the one thing most of us don’t think about often when it comes to keeping our bodies active, mobile and pain-free: Our knees. In my opinion, knees tend to be overlooked and something we don’t pay much attention to in our lives (even I’ve been guilty of…(Read More)

It can sometimes be hard to see what you are doing wrong in your lifestyle because, well, it’s your lifestyle. Your daily routine is so well known to you that it can become second nature to read before bed, look on your tablet or go for that game of golf on a Friday night…(Read More)

I’ve this question asked in my clinic this week that I wanted to share with you (It’s a common question I often get asked about posture)… ‘Kate, I’ve recently had Repetitive Strain Injury from work and although I’ve been given a wrist rest for when I’m on the computer, I…(Read More)

Have you ever wondered what the best, most simplest thing for getting healthy would be? A lot of patients we see are always on the lookout for new ways to feel great, and live a healthier lifestyle – especially after experiencing something like an ankle injury that puts them out from walking for a while,…(Read More)

It’s July which means one thing – Summer is in full swing! And out of all the things I love about Summer most – picnics, BBQ’s, flip- flops and ice cream, maybe you can guess which one of them may not be so good for you… Nope, it’s not the ice cream. It’s…(Read More)

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