Not sure what to expect?

Here are a few pointers that will help to put your mind at ease…

Your Physiotherapist will focuses on YOU

What makes your pain better? What makes it worse? How long  you have had it? What brought it on?  To ensure a diagnosis and long-term solution to your problem your Physiotherapist is interested in the answers to these questions even if you aren’t sure or the symptoms are vague are vague.  Whilst some conditions have very clear yes no answers the key characteristics of other can be that they came on for no apparent reason or that they are variable or hard to describe.  Once your Physio understands the nature of your condition they will provide you with a diagnosis and commence treatment.

Examining what hurts

Next your Physiotherapist will examine what hurts and the neighbouring muscles or joints which may be contributing to your problem. Your physio will want to see the area which hurts so come prepare in loose or comfortable clothing.

To understand the nature of your problem your Physio will feel how your joints, muscles and tendons move and compare left and right.  Our Physios are used to dealing with nervousness and uncertainty, we understand that although we touch people everyday it may be awkward for you.  We will do our upmost to explain what is going on and put you at ease BUT if you feel uncomfortable at anytime make sure that you voice this and your Physio will find an alternative way of doing things.

 Your diagnosis explained

Once your have a diagnosis your Physio will explain all the medical jargon and what it means in as much or as little detail as you like. If you need to know the inner workings of tendon, the contractile mechanism of a muscles or the hydration of an intervertebral disc we can tell you.  However it is more likely that you initially want to know, what’s going on, what are we going to do about it and when you are going to be better.

Treatment now begins

Your Physio will get going the ideal treatment plan for you! Aiming to get you back in action as fast as possible.

To help you get better as fast as possible you will be given 1 or 2 exercises to help yourself. Your Physio is seeking to promote your body’s ability to self-heal and the exercises maybe an important part of this process.

What should I wear?

Your Physio will need to see the area that is causing you pain and will ask you to move about. Wear gym kit or comfortable clothes and tie back long hair.