Have you seen a surgeon and had an operation? Or are contemplating whether surgery is for you?

How can we help you before surgery?

We aim to start treatment early to prepare you for surgery. We will work with you on exercises to maximise the muscle strength, length and joint range of movement, to reduce the risk of further damage pre-operatively and to enhance results post-operatively. We will also help you to understand the orthopaedic procedure and what to expect, so you are able to gain the best possible outcome after surgery.

How can we help you after surgery?

You should have Physiotherapy post Orthopaedic surgery to reduce pain and improve your physical ability whether that is walking normally again, getting in and out of the bath or returning to football. Our aim is to work with you to enhance the body’s own natural healing process, to relieve pain, restore movement, strength, coordination and confidence.  This will enable you to achieve

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We work in cooperation with local consultants and GPs to ensure that you receive the best treatment and advice in order to help you return to normal fitness as soon as possible.

What surgeons say about us

“Kate has seen and treated many of my patients over the years. They have all reported great results. I have always admired her evidence based approach to patient care. I will continue to make appropriate referrals to her in the future. She has worked very hard to establish a clinic in Cirencester and I would like to wish her continued success in her new venture in Swindon.”
Harminder S Gosal,  Consultant Orthopaedic & Knee Surgeon Cheltenham General Hospital, Cheltenham

“As a local Orthopaedic Surgeon, I have come to recognise Kate’s abilities through my patients. Sometimes reports from patients about their experiences of physiotherapy are not exactly glowing and the outcomes are a bit hit and miss. However, patients of mine who have seen Kate have been completely transformed by her work! I will definitely be sending her more in the future.”
Will Mason, Consultant Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon

“As a spine surgeon, I had lots of discussion with Kate about different modalities of treatment. I found Kate to be systematic in her approach and knowledgeable. Certainly Kate had great experience from the courses she attended, and also I could tell that she has got great clinical experience by properly assessing her patients with great ability of spotting the right diagnosis.”
Ata Kasis, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, Wansbeck General Hospital, Northumbria

“I am a Hospital Surgeon and a friend recommended that I see Kate regarding my chronic lower back symptoms. Kate succeeded, where many had previously failed, using the McKenzie method. I strongly believe that Kate’s enthusiasm and empathy is the reason why she continues to be so successful in her field.”
Osman Khan, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgical Registrar Knee Fellow