Suffering with headaches can be miserable

Are your headaches are becoming too frequent, wearing you down, making it difficult to concentrate,  causing you to be tired and grumpy? Are you struggling with day to day activities, and are your relationships suffering?

Did you know this sort of headache can be caused by problems with your the upper neck?  These headaches are called cervicogenic headaches.


Confirm if your headaches are coming from your neck

First of all it is necessary to confirm if your headaches are coming from your neck.  To determine this we will examine your upper neck looking to reproduce your headache and the associated symptoms, reproducing your headache and related symptoms is key to diagnosing cervicogenic headaches but we do understand that this can be quite a worrying prospect.

If the headache isn’t brought on by testing the joints in your neck  it would indicate that your headaches are not cervicogenic.  The benefit of testing this in the first assessment will make it clear whether or not physiotherapy can help.

Once we have identified the source of the headache there are a number of different modalities you can use to improve the function of your upper neck are resolve your headaches. We can guide you through each one.

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