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Are you sidelined by injury?  Do you want to return to your active lifestyle as fast as possible?  Keep free from painkillers? And keep away from your GP's or a Surgeon?

Call 01285 654059 or email hello@marklandclinic.com

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Professional Health Care You Can Count On

At The Markland Clinic, we're renowned for our excellent levels of personal care when clients visit.

Whatever the physical problem, be sure to book an appointment to get an expert opinion on how best to make you better.

Being healthy shouldn't be optional, so come and get the best local care available.

Why Us?

The Markland Clinic consists of a dedicated team of health care professionals whose first priority is your recovery.

Offering expert advice and professional health care, The Markland Clinic is your first point of call for injury, pain and recovery.

If you don't enjoy the idea of the traditionally prescribed "rest and painkillers", and want to get healthy faster, then most people know that Specialist Private Physiotherapy is the best option.  Sometimes, the NHS just can't provide the level of service and speed of treatment you desire.

Thats why people choose The Markland Clinic.

Where are we located?

You can come and find us at the

Cotswold Leisure Centre,



Call 01285 654059 or email hello@marklandclinic.com

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