We understand that a sports injury can be devastating!

We take pride in our skills at The Markland Clinic not just in injury treatment but in prevention and performance. We understand that sports injuries affect your daily life, sleep, social life, work and you are probably grumpy with your loved ones too!  But doesn’t stop there, if you play in a team being injured can also have a significant effects on your club. So we can help you prevent injuries by assessing your current movement patterns as part of functional movement screening (FMS) then creating a tailored strength and conditioning programme to not only prevent injury but also have you competing at your very best, regardless of the sport.


Research into injury prevention

Did you know we  have conducted research on sports injury prevention techniques which has been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Some of the sports clubs we have worked for this study with included Team Gloucester Basketball and Loughborough University.

We are also involved with many local clubs in a range of sports and offer functional movement screening to whole clubs.

 Client experiences

“In preparation for my first marathon, The Markland Clinic has been instrumental in diagnosis and giving remedial advice for a weak knee which has plagued me for some time. Home exercises and video online analysis have been fantastic and I now run soundly.”
Edward C, Cirencester

“I injured my calf whilst training for a marathon. In only one week I have seen a huge improvement and am already running again. The exercises are useful and of great benefit.”
Melissa C, Swindon

“Following a footballing knee injury I received treatment and advice from The Markland Clinic, which has helped me return to full fitness in a short space of time, with no further pain or mobility issues. Highly recommended, extremely professional and very easy to work with.”
Nick H

“I had a running injury within the last 12 months. I went to The Markland Clinic and receive excellent treatment. The consultation was very professional and appropriate treatment was advised. I was fit and running again within 8 weeks.”
Susan D, Swindon

“I went to The Markland Clinic for advice and a review of my running style and found her comments most useful and have been trying to put into practice what my Physio recommended ever since. I would definitely go back if necessary.”
Linda L, Swindon

“Heh – GGRCTF loved Kate from the Markland Clinic for coming to Gloucester City 10s ~ 2010 with your energy in running around the event over 2 days with a model of a knee to talk to the 420 athletes about how to look after their knees to prevent injury !!! Much appreciated love all the rugby girls from England, Scotland & Wales – THANKYOU precious physio volunteer.”
Lisa H, Gloucester

“I finished IronMan UK, injury free, in 13:46:05 – thanks for your help!”
“Cannot wait to get back into the running later today. First run since slipping on my ankle. Think @MarklandClinic has worked some magic!”
Jo Y, Swindon