“What’s So Special About The Markland Clinic?”

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Whether you’ve come looking for Specialist Physio advice because

  • the NHS has let you down,
  • you don’t take favourably to the “rest and painkillers”option that is nearly always advised by the GP
  • you’re VERY health conscious and already know that Specialist Private Physio advice IS your BEST option

You are about to ENJOY the same transformation in your health that thousands of others who have seen proven results in their ability to keep ACTIVE and watched as their pain levels drop, faster than they ever thought possible. 

Let us put the record straight.

There is so much confusion out there about the Physio Industry these days…

It’s not helped by the fact that the NHS doesn’t offer much in the way of “hands on” treatment any more, and so what we’re finding is that some people are tempted to “tar” all Physios with the same brush – even the helpful ones, like us.

Plus we find that people often DON’T do a very good job of explaining what Physio’s really do (…even when they’re impressed!).

Private Physio ISN’T about just giving out a few generic exercises like the NHS does. It’s much more important than that. Much more valuable, and done right, it’s way more helpful.

Thats why we offer a FREE telephone Consultation with one of our Physiotherapists before you even book. It gives you a chance to discover whether Physiotherapy is right for you, whether we are right for you and exactly how we can help.

Plus, because we want you to make the BEST decision about Physio, without feeling rushed or pressured into booking, we’d like to give you a firm GUARANTEE.

The” Love it Or Leave It” Guarantee

ALL and ANY treatment you receive at The Markland Clinic IS covered by a Full Money Back Guarantee. That means we make you very HAPPY like you hope, or you DON’T Pay for any of it.

Don’t regret WAITING any longer, let us help you live a pain free active life.  Then you too can “BRAG” to you friends about what your body can do and how it is all thanks to What Physio Did For You

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Call 01285 654059 or email hello@marklandclinic.com

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