1. Who do we help? If you don’t need to have a sports injury, are you suffering with pain, niggles, discomforts or stiffness? Sometimes you may just need advice about how to improve your desk set up at work to reduce back pain, well, we can help with that too. We provide services from manual therapy to advice about how to control your body. Just come and chat to us about your problem our Cirencester clinic.
  2. How do we treat clients? It’s personal to you! Your appointments and treatment plan are individualised to you. Your treatment is tailored to your symptoms, goals and lifestyle to ensure you are 110% by the time you are complete. It may be centred on manual therapy or be exercise led treatment. Or the two maybe combined. We will work in partnership with you throughout the treatment. We want to empower you with the tools to take control of your own body and understand your pain.
  3. What are our aims as Physiotherapists? Our main aims are to facilitate recovery and encourage healing. We are passionate about inspiring you to achieve your goals.
  4. What if I have an ongoing problem? If you have an ongoing problem you mat benefit from maintenance work to make sure your health remains in a good condition. This could involves regular treatment or check ups depending on the nature of your problem.
  5. Will I always need Physiotherapy? Our goal is to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to manage your problem should it arise in the future. We want to keep you in work and living independently so you can continue to enjoy a painfree active life.

Ask yourself following 3 Questions when looking for a GREAT Physio

Are they qualified?

All Physiotherapists must be registered with the Health Professions Council, meaning they meet national standards for training, professional skills and behaviour. Every year we ensure we exceed these minimum standards with our post graduate training and research experience. We have worked on research projects with  Kings College London, Loughborough University and the University of Gloucestershire. By keeping up to date we can provide you with the highest quality Physiotherapists in the region.

Do they meet your needs?

Throughout the treatment process it is essential you understand what is happening, and time is taken to explain what your symptoms mean and how you are going to work together to resolve them.  Our Physiotherapists take great pride in being expert assessors and problem solvers.  We think of ourselves as being like detectives, with an excellent assessment a good diagnosis can  be made which in turn provides the foundations for treatment.  And if you are not making the expected recovery or Physiotherapy is not appropriate we can quickly organise further investigations and onward referral to one of our network of excellent consultants.

How else can they help you?

Do they have access to a fully equipped gym, sports hall and personal trainers our to help take your rehab to the end stages, this means when you get back into action you can have full confidence that you have already tried and tested your readiness.

Physiotherapy can help you

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