What we pride ourselves on at The Markland Clinic


We love our job and love working with the people of Cirencester. We hope this passion and dedication is reflected in our level of care and commitment to our clients.

Here are 3 of the things we take pride in:

  • Standard of care

We work hard both in and out of the treatment room to make you feel at ease. It starts with Tracey greeting you and offering a coffee, it continues as your meet your Physiotherapist and it summits with the expert level of both communication, knowledge and treatment that you can expect to receive from our team. Not only do we assess and diagnosis problems, which take time to listen. This listening, above all, enables us to design a treatment programme that is tailored and holistic for you.

  • Our commitment to you

Not only do we spend time within the treatment rooms helping you and teaching exercises, but we also work just as hard outside of it. We plan in advance which treatment options would be best, we review the latest research to ensure we are giving you the very best current treatments, we even take time to learn more about your hobbies and sport to ensure how treatment plans reflect your return to them. Our commitment is not just from Physiotherapists, our admin team, ensure they reply to emails, answer calls and follow up with you. The admin team also ensures the clinic is always clean for your arrival with fresh flowers and a stocked-up coffee machine.

  • The Clients

As many health professionals will say, there is no greater feeling when our clients achieve their goals, when they get back on that bike or pick up the grandkids without pain. This is ultimately why we love our job and chose the profession. We are immensely proud of our clients and their vast achievements and are incredibly grateful to know we contributed to their success. We are proud of our success rates with our rehab programmes and even prouder when we not only get people back to doing the things they love but keep them doing it!

Keep on moving,


Physiotherapist at The Markland Clinic

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