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The Markland Members Club

Join The Club & Find Out How You Can Keep Fit , Active and Pain-Free 

From The Comfort of Your Own Home! 

Led by a Highly Qualified Professional Physiotherapist

 Simple Strategies Which Let You Create Stable Physical and Emotional Health A Fitter Body And Pain-Free Movement!

Physiotherapist George, Brings You a Great Class 7 days a week as well as Videos, Hints, Tips, Q+A's, Guest Speakers and Content to Keep You Active Connected and Pain Free!

*Subscription £20pcm

Professional Health You Can Count On.

At The Markland Clinic, we're renowned for our excellent levels of personal care when clients visit and with this page we plan to extend this quality into your own home.

Here’s What You’re Going To Receive In The Group:

  • A daily exercise Class 7-days a week with Professional Physiotherapist George Stacey-Stevens
  • Live Q+A's 
  • Hints and Tips for keeping active, exercising and pain-free from your home and local surrounds
  • Guest appearances
  • And fun content to keep you connected and smiling too

Being physically and emotionally healthy are no longer optional.

*Subscription £20pcm

Why Join?

The Markland Clinic consists of a dedicated team of health care professionals whose first priority is your health and wellbeing.  

Loss of activity and normal functions impact Physical and emotional wellbeing, and sometimes, the NHS just can't provide the level of community service and speed of treatment you desire.

If you wish to use this opportunity to improve your health and fitness, join the club.  We look forward to seeing you in it.

*Subscription £20pcm

Where are we located?

You can come and find us at the

Cotswold Leisure Centre,



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