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Teamwork at the Markland Clinic


The blog today will be on the importance of teamwork at the Markland clinic, how it is central for having a successful physiotherapy practice as well as its importance in the treatment room.

As such a small team our ability to trust, cooperate and communicate with each other has been hugely important for us to grow into a well-organised team.

Over the last 8-9 months, there has been a lot of change and evolution in the clinic starting with the return of Abi from maternity leave and having both Dale and I join the team.

This has led to each of us utilising our own strengths to try and find our own role within the clinic. The most important part of this process is listening, as cheesy as it is, the ability to listen to one another’s ideas has been crucially important in creating and developing the ideas that go into the changes and developments that you have seen in the clinic recently. All aimed at giving you the experience you deserve.

Trust is also a very important quality in our team. It allows us to create plans and have the confidence in team members to follow through with their tasks, we call them pebbles and rocks. For each one of these small obstacles we can move as a team we all know we are one step closer to achieving our end goal.

The benefit for our patients of having such a small team is that as we all treat in a similar way, so if you have to have treatment with one of the other physiotherapists don’t worry, you will receive the same high-quality treatment & care. Thus, allowing the continuation of your physiotherapy and treatment to be at its highest standard.

The last really important instance of teamwork in the clinic is between us and you. We will do as much as we can to treat and educate you about your pain while giving you the strategies to treat yourself in the long run. The teamwork element comes from the fact that in order to make the treatment effective you must also do the exercises we prescribe to complete your treatment.

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George Stacey-Stevens

Physiotherapist at the Markland Clinic

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