Swimming to the Olympics


Client Story: Bea Kenny

Bea is a county and regional swimmer who hurt her knee when doing land training.

Despite the intense pain, Bea was able to tolerate a full assessment with our Physio Dale who determined that Bea had unfortunately damaged her medial collateral ligament.

At first, Bea’s knee was extremely painful to move with lots of swelling.

However, Bea’s hard-working attitude and supportive parents guided Bea through the treatment programme that Dale had tailored for her return to swimming.

Within 5 weeks Bea was back in the pool and overcame a huge psychological hurdle to start competing again!

At the Calne Open Meet, Bea was able to return to her winning ways picking up gold in 100m freestyle and silver in 200m backstroke!

Bea is still working hard with Dale to improve her strength, plyometric ability and power ready for future competitions.

We wish Bea all the best for regionals and hope she continues to swim all the way to the Olympics!!

Dale & The Markland Team

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