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Physiotherapy has changed a huge amount since I trained.  Physio is just like any other medical profession. With continuous research, it changes and discovers new effective treatments and assessment theories.

How does The Markland Clinic stay up to date with the current medical research and evidence?

  • We run weekly in-service training amongst the team, covering all joints and musculoskeletal presentations.  This could include the neck, shoulder, spine, upper limb, lower limb, tendinopathies, pregnancy care, sports rehabilitation and MUCH MUCH more.   
  • We join the monthly consultant training with our local orthopaedic surgeons and radiologists as well as take part in core external musculoskeletal structured training such as the SOMMs Course.  The SOMMs provide a comprehensive programme of post-graduate courses for physiotherapists, doctors and other MSK health professionals.
  • On top of this, if there are any interesting/ unusual presentations that don’t quite fit the picture, we have joint discussions, share opinions and approaches, which ensures the most appropriate treatment is offered.  If this is not quite enough we also run joint assessments by asking a more senior physio or specialist to view the presentation.

With all these measures we are able to regularly update our knowledge and stay in touch with the evolving medical profession, enabling us to offer you the highest quality treatment and care.

Our specialist Physiotherapy team take the time to listen and understand your problem. Their advanced skills and up to date knowledge mean that not only will they understand your problem, but they will also create a personal wellbeing plan, that will ensure you live the life you want, without being held back.

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Clinic Manager & Lead Physiotherapist

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