Facts about Sciatica


  1. sciaticaSciatic pain commonly affects one side of the body, your pain is probably just in one leg, or if in both it will be more severe in one.
  2. Your sciatic pain can start in the buttocks and radiate down your leg, or you may just notice it your leg.
  3. You may experience ‘pins and needles’ or ‘numb’ sensations down the leg as well as or instead of pain
  4. Sciatic pain often worsens when you are sitting or bending
  5. Sciatic pain is a symptom of another problem usually in your low back.
  6. Herniated discs, such as a rupture, are a cause of sciatic pain.

What to do if you have sciatic pain…

Sciatica can often be very debilitating and cause problems in everyday activities like putting your socks on and walking around. The pain can also go on for weeks and it worsens over time.  If you think that you could be suffering from sciatica it’s important to get this assessed before the pain becomes more debilitating.

Get checked out as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming worse.

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