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The Rotator Cuff – What is it and how do we look after it?

Have you heard of the Rotator Cuff? Do you what it is and it’s function and how to look after it?

Let’s find out…

The rotator cuff is four muscles that effectively keep humerus bone, nice and strong within what’s called the Chromium, which is the bone in the shoulders.

So, effectively your rotator cuff keeps your shoulder, very strong and stable whilst still allowing it to have a lot of movement.

Why is the Rotator Cuff important?

The shoulder is actually not a very deep joint and some joints like the hip are really, really deep and have a really big ball and socket, which makes them very, very stable.

The shoulder, in order to give it stability and movement like the hip joints, has the rotator cuff.

It’s four muscles and with any muscle, you can get weakness, you can get issues. So it’s a good idea, even if you haven’t got shoulder pain to keep those muscles really, really strong, not only from an injury prevention perspective but also to enhance your sporting capacity.

Some of the exercises to strengthen the Rotator Cuff are throwing a ball, rowing, any overhead lifting and any sport. Basically, any activity that promotes shoulder use and movement can help to strengthen the Rotator Cuff.

Even if you’re not athletic, having a strong rotator cuff can make it easier to reach for heavy things out of top cupboards or things potentially like a heavy car door.

The rotator cuff is your key shoulder stabilizing muscle.

So, now we know what it is.

How can we get that the Rotator Cuff muscles strong?

A good place to start is a resistance band. In the blog video above I show you how to do each exercise.

The resistance band for the rotator cuff should be very, very light. As soon as you use a heavier, stronger band, you start using those big muscles of the shoulder. By keeping it light it ensures that we work with the little stabilizer muscles which are the rotator cuff.

Watch the video above for a few light resistance band exercises that will help to strengthen your Rotator Cuff.

How many Rotator Cuff exercises should you do?

People often ask me how many of these exercises they should do. It’s a really good question.

It depends on what you’re looking to do. Generally, if you’re looking to get the muscle stronger, which is called Hypertrophy, we recommend three to five sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

So, roughly 5 sets of 10 and you can have a little rest in-between of up to a minute.

Have you got further questions about the Rotator Cuff?

If you do have any questions about the rotator cuff, if you’re suffering from any shoulder problems or you’re worried you’re not doing the exercises correctly please give us a phone call on 01285 654059, drop us a message on social media or pop into the clinic and have a coffee.

Check out our What hurts? page on shoulders.

If you have an ache, pain or niggle come in and see us and have an assessment with one of our physios. You can book an appointment online.

Thank you very much for watching and reading!

Dale Turner


Dale Turner

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