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Caroline, a 45-year-old lady, from Cirencester gave us a call after she heard about our clinic from one of her friends. On the call, she stated her back pain was unbearable. She hasn’t slept more than 5 hours a night for the past two weeks! She was getting a sharp pain and pins and needles, which starts in her back then travels down her legs.

Caroline was anxious and just wanted to get back to doing everything she loved; Tennis, book club and more importantly days out with her Husband and kids. Caroline had tried to treat herself by using heat and having rest but this hadn’t helped and only made her feel more down.

When Caroline entered the Clinic, she was greeted by Tracey, who invited her to have a seat and made her a coffee. George, One of our Physiotherapists, briefly came out to meet Caroline and introduce himself.

George began the assessment by getting to know Caroline and listen to her story. George noted how Caroline was incredibly worried she had really damaged her back as her pain started two weeks ago after bending to pick up her three-year-old son, Archie. George ascertained some more information about her pain including what aggravates it, how it is impacting her life and what her aims are.

Then George began a physical assessment, he looked at her level of movement in the spine, her soft tissues and spinal structures. He did some assessment techniques to aid his diagnosis of her pain and more importantly to devise a tailormade treatment plan. A plan whereby they would work together to reduce her pain, get back to playing tennis like Serena Williams and being a full-time SUPER MUM!

George was able to use his advanced skills in Musculoskeletal health to reassure Caroline that she had not damaged her spine, her spine was in good health and they as a team would be able to get her pain free and keep Caroline fit and active to 100 years old!

Throughout the treatment programme, George re-assessed Caroline to ensure she was making progress and to make adjustments to her treatment programme. They made use of the excellent facilities at Cotswold Leisure Centre by using the gym to boost Caroline’s progress. Caroline not only became pain-free, but her confidence also grew and she was able to take up new hobbies like running.

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