Want to avoid unnecessary surgery?

Do you feel like Laura?

I have been to several orthopaedic surgeons and they only recommend surgery. They don’t give me enough time to explain what the cause of my pain is, allow me to ask all my questions or recommend what I can do to look after myself and avoid surgery.  I find it very frustrating that they don’t suggest stretches, Physiotherapy, pain medication, lifestyle changes, etc. Surgery is scary and the recovery is long.”

Unfortunately this story is all too true. To be honest, most of my colleagues do want to help you in the best way they know how.

However, do my colleagues ascribe to a thing as simple as calf stretching? NO! Even if they believed or knew it was at the problem stretching the calves would be too simple and would take too long to treat, and both you and the surgeon want this resolved now.

Almost everyone, and I mean everyone, thinks that calf stretching does not work even though the evidence says otherwise.

So if you have a SURGEON who finds that these non-operative treatments fail (how convenient)…well the next step is obvious. We do what is in our nature, we cut.

Stick with me here because I am coming to a point.

Orthopaedic surgeons generally are not diagnosticians. Here is the problem, and here is the treatment. Any deeper thought is not usually necessary because the problem is soon obvious. After all WE FIX things! So, the thought that the calf is what is causing your foot pain is just not on the radar or comprehensible to us.

The idea that your symptoms might not be coming from where you are pointing and originating from a remote location is frankly above our pay grade in general. Having stated that, it is most definitely our duty to connect the dots between cause and effect. We call it clinical correlation and unfortunately it is becoming a lost art.

The cause of a problem is not always what you think it is. Think outside the box!

What if the treatments are not working because they are not directed at the cause, but at the end result, the effect, the location where you are pointing? 

I look forward to helping you if you would like…

  • a detailed assessment
  • an understanding of what is causing your pain
  • a plan on how to resolve your pain
  • to know if you can avoid surgery

Mr Irfan Khan

Orthopaedic Surgeon (who will help you avoid surgery)

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