Merry Christmas from the Markland Clinic

Merry Christmas Everyone!


It’s that time of year again!

On behalf of all the team here at The Markland Clinic, I would like to say Merry Christmas and a big thank you to all the clients who have trusted us to help them towards their goals.

Without you, we would not be able to do the job we love! 

Merry Christmas from the Markland Clinic
Merry Christmas from the Markland Clinic

The Future…

I also wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the future of physiotherapy.

As many of you may already be aware, healthcare is responding to our busy stressful lives and aims to PREVENT pain, in any form, before it’s onset. 

Traditionally Physiotherapy was reserved for people in pain.

However, there is a growing demand for injury/ pain prevention but also long term management to prevent reoccurrence.

In the past Physiotherapy was focussed on pain, but with more and more research emerging pain is not the only measure.

Physiotherapy can improve strength, improve day to day function, improve range of movement and flexibility and improve your mental health. 

Our Goal for YOU…

At The Markland Clinic, we not only want you to live a pain-free healthy life, but we also want and can help keep you living a pain-free active and happy life. 

Happy Christmas from the Markland Clinic

Can one of our amazing physios help you, this Christmas…

If you have any aches, pains or would like a program to prepare for any activity or sport, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01285 654059.

Or drop us a message on any of our social media channels… Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / Twitter.

You can book an appointment or speak to a physio here get in touch.

Let us help you to recover, re-gain your movement and be pain-free!

Why not check out our What Hurts? page. We have advice for each part of the body and free guides to help you to be pain-free – simply Click here.

Keep on moving this Christmas!


Physiotherapist at The Markland Clinic

Dale Physio Markland
Dale Turner

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