Meet our new Physio George


Hi everyone my name is George, the other fresh face you may have seen around the Markland Clinic. This blog will hopefully serve as a little introduction for you all as well as filling you in on some of my passions and core beliefs.

I graduated from the University of Worcester with a 1st class Honors degree in Physiotherapy. During this time I got stuck into the profession by winning the vote to become the course representative, which took me all over the country learning about the structure of the profession as well as all the latest treatments and advancements in technology.

Some of you may also recognise me from about 2 years ago – I worked in the clinic with Karen as my mentor while learning the ropes. Before starting my job as a Physiotherapist, I had my own massage therapy business, which made me love client interaction.  This helped me decide the best way to develop my career, and I knew I wanted to become a Physiotherapist.

As a general rule, if you have an interest in sports, science or dogs, then we will get on like a house on fire! My strongest passion is rowing, of which I started at University.

At the moment I row for Worcester Rowing club but have the goal of trialing for GB in the future. My other big passions include Skiing and Golf both of which I started at about 4 years old – so I’m always up for a natter about the Ryder Cup or Ski Sunday.

I also dabble in most racquet sports, so if you see me and Dale on the squash courts, don’t be afraid to say hello 🙂

I am also a big animal lover, with a special place in my heart for my new Dalmatian puppy Nelson. He’s an absolute mischief, so feel free to ask me if you’d like to see any pictures or videos of him causing havoc!

One of my lost interests is Physics, so if you have a special interest in a field then I’d love to learn about it.

My main core beliefs are Teamwork and Effort as I believe that no matter who you are, you can achieve anything if you give it your all and have team around you to support and motivate you.

Thank you for reading,

George Stacey-Stevens

Physiotherapist at the Markland Clinic

PS – If you’d like to book an appointment at the clinic with myself or any other physio, please give us a call on 01285 654059 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help!

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