Martina’s Journey


Martina was suffering from bad back pain which was very painful.

She had to take a year out of work, she couldn’t walk, She couldn’t climb up the stairs. Life was pretty grim.

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Through her GP and the NHS they looked at the possibility of operations and carried out root nerve injections but nothing seemed to work and Martina wanted to avoid surgery.

Her partner searched for pain relief and he bought a Treatment Book which mentioned the Mckenzie techniques.

They then searched for someone who did the Mckenzie Technique and found the Markland Clinic.

This is when Martina started her journey to becoming pain-free!

After a consultation with our founder & Specialist Physiotherapist Kate Markland, Martina was told that it was possible to avoid surgery.

This was her aim. She didn’t want to go under the knife at any cost.

After treatment Martina has been able to return to her normal life.

Before treatment, she couldn’t exercise and she loved to exercise.

Now she is back to exercising and last year she did a 100k walk for charity.

Simply amazing!

She has been able to return to work and living a normal pain-free life!

Hopefully, Martina’s story shows everyone that anything is possible.

You can go out and if you strive for something and really have that positivity, you can achieve anything.

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