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Guest Blog from Leah, who is currently on a 10-week placement at the Markland Clinic

A little about me…

My name is Leah and I am a second-year Student Physiotherapist from the University of Worcester.

I used to swim competitively. However, I now swim at a lower level, training a few times a week. I want to concentrate on my studies to be able to help you.

At school, I was always involved in sports. Mainly enjoying netball, hockey, athletics, and cross country running.  

Having a sporting background has taught me to use every opportunity I can to learn and improve as a person and to work to my full potential.

Learning at the Markland Clinic…

I have completed two out of ten weeks of my placement here at The Markland Clinic.

I have met a wide variety of patients with different pains and injuries. I’ve noticed that an imperative part of how the clinic runs is the communication between the Physiotherapists and the patients.

They build a rapport to make patients feel comfortable and welcome. This consequently improves the patient’s experience within the clinic and therefore their treatment is more beneficial.

I have found being integrated as part of the team is extremely beneficial for my own learning. It enables me to feel comfortable asking both the Physiotherapists and the patients questions. Also, performing interventions and feeling safe practising as a student within a team I trust.

My favourite experience…

My favourite experience has been watching and learning, a patient with C7-C8 nerve impingement, being treated by the amazing Physiotherapists at the Clinic.

I could clearly recognise the patterns of the symptoms and therefore understand the diagnosis and treatment process.

Learning while helping you to be pain-free…

The learning opportunities that the patients provide are the most valuable part of this placement. I would not be able to achieve the same quality of the training I am so passionate about without the cooperation of the patients. I am really grateful that patients not only let me listen and observe but also get involved in treatment techniques and being hands-on.

Thank you for reading and if I get the chance to help you in the clinic I would be grateful for your feedback.


Student Physiotherapist at the Markland Clinic


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