Learning to help you be pain free

Learning to help you be Pain Free.


About Me

My name is Caragh and I am a second-year physiotherapy student at the University of Worcester.  I’m currently on placement at the Markland Clinic Learning how to help you be Pain Free!

Learning to help you be Pain Free at the Markland Clinic
Caragh, Physiotherapy Student at the University of Worcester

I participated in a wide range of sports growing up. My main sport being springboard diving which I used to do at a competitive level.

I now play cricket and practice trampolining at university. As a result, they have allowed me to meet lots of new people as well as gain experience working within different teams.

Working at the Markland Clinic…

I am really looking forward to gaining lots of experience working with patients with a variety of different conditions here at the Markland Clinic.

Learning to help you be Pain Free at the Markland Clinic

The learning opportunities that patients provide are an extremely beneficial part of the placement. By allowing me to observe and get involved in their treatment I am able to improve my physiotherapy knowledge and understanding.

Can one of Markland’s amazing physios help you?

If you have any aches or pains, would like a program for work or any activity or sport, you can get in touch on 01285 654059.

Reception at the Markland Clinic

Or drop them a message on any of their social media channels…

Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / Twitter.

You can book an appointment or speak to a physio here get in touch.

The Markland team can help you to prevent, recover, re-gain your movement and be pain-free! (As well as train the next generation of physios!)

Why not check out their What Hurts? page. There is free advice for each part of the body and free guides to help you to be pain-free – simply Click here.

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Second-year Physiotherapy Student at the University of Worcester.  


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