Kate dislocated her shoulder in her sleep!


Kate Markland, owner of the Markland Clinic recently dislocated her shoulder whilst asleep!

Watch her take you through what happened and how she recovered.

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Four weeks ago, I dislocated my right shoulder. I subluxed (partial dislocation) them in the past when I had my arm above my head. But this time it was a complete dislocation of my right shoulder.

I woke up in the middle of the night with my arm above my head and just in absolute agony.

I went to the hospital and it was relocated at Gloucester Royal and that was in the early hours of a Saturday morning four weeks ago.

Almost as soon as the shoulder was relocated, the pain relief was instant and I took painkillers that Saturday for a bit of soreness. But that was it, the pain relief was instant.

I know afterwards the risk of getting a frozen shoulder was higher than I was comfortable with, so I knew I just had to get my arm moving.

That very day I got in the swimming pool but didn’t swim, I just had my arm elevating up and down with the support of the other hand and I did the same the following day.

So, over the first three days, I went in the pool at least once or twice a day just to exercise my arm and then I quite quickly realized I could glide and as soon as I could glide, I was able to start doing breast-stroke.

When I came back into work… I think I took the Monday off and I came back into work on the Tuesday and that week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Dale (Physio at the Markland) was on my case every single day about making sure I was doing my TheraBand exercises and reminded me what the consequences of not doing them might be.

I no longer had the risk of a frozen shoulder as I was getting really good movement but there was the risk of a new dislocation and that was just not acceptable. As far as I was concerned this was a once in a lifetime thing!

This is never happening again! Dale reminded me every day what I had to do and what the risks were if I didn’t. It motivated me enough to make sure that I did my exercises.

Quite soon, I think by about week two I was getting very, very bored with Theraband exercises and gym exercises and small weights.

I was itching to be able to start swimming again. So I was getting back in the water and I was able to do breaststroke. I just wasn’t able to do front crawl. I was kinda like Nemo with my arm dragging along… I wasn’t able to clear the water at all.

So it then took me further two weeks of just the Saturdays where I went back swimming. I swam for about an hour front crawl solid and I was absolutely delighted with myself.

A lot of functional activities have really helped. I went to Bournemouth making sandcastles, I went canoeing a couple of times. All exercises that were below shoulder height as above can be high-risk when recovering.

It meant that I was able to strengthen my shoulder a bit in a far more interesting way than the repeated Theraband exercises.

I’ve made it more and more functional as time has gone on to keep myself interested and engaged and by this weekend I was able to run around 10K at the weekend without a problem.

Within a couple of weeks of doing it, I just couldn’t run very well because it was making my whole body feel funny. Nothing particularly hurt, but I just couldn’t. I think it was a recovery from the shock.

I could swim for an hour. I could go to the driving range and hit a couple of buckets of golf balls. I was able to fly kites, I was able to canoe for a couple of sessions.

So, the daily rehabilitation, that first 10 days, I think was absolutely critical.

And then making the exercises and activities more interesting was critical to strengthening the shoulder rapidly without the boredom of more TheraBand.

My shoulder has now fully recovered and whilst I never want to go through that again it was a good experience to be the patient.

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Thanks for watching and reading!

Kate Markland

Owner & Specialist Physiotherapist, The Markland Clinic

Kate Markland

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