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Sean here!

I am sure you have wondered who the new face is, in and around the clinic – you have probably noticed the scottish accent more than anything!

I thought I’d write a quick blog to introduce you all to ME, the new Scottish Physiotherapist.

I have heard the question so many times over the last couple of months, “So why Cirencester? It’s a big move!”

I usually reply with, “yeah, you’re not joking!”

I didn’t realise how long it would take, until I loaded up my life into my trusty little VW Polo and embarked on the 7 hour journey from the Capital of Scotland to the ‘Capital of the Cotswolds’.

As many of you already know, I love sport – any sport. I played football to a high level until being set back and subsequently dropped due to a nasty injury.  The injury left me side-lined for a couple of years. During this time, I worked closely with a Physiotherapist and was determined to return to playing, which I did! Although, I figured I wasn’t quite as good as I once was and opted for the career path as a Physiotherapist.

So believe me, that feeling of being out of sport! It is very real and it’s my mission to make that time as short as possible for you!

I’m always keen for trying new sports and I have loved getting to know all the different activities that everyone engages with in Cirencester. I mean, it’s a bit cliché for us Scots NOT to enjoy cricket – but I’d even give it a go….!

Having said that, I draw the line at Horse riding, I’ll leave that to Karen and Rico. My excuse is that I’m too tall – not that Karen is letting me off with that. I have been promised some horse riding lessons at some point – I’ll keep you updated on the progress (if any).

Have a great day, I look forward to meeting you.


P.S Here’s a photo of me passing on my football knowledge to my little brother!

P.P.S  Do say “hi” if you see me about and check in on that horse riding 🙂


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