Happy New Year Blog from the Markland Clinic

Happy New Year 2020 from the Markland Clinic


A New Year, A New You?

We hope you have had a great Christmas! And here’s to a Happy New Year for 2020!

2020 will be a healthier year for us all.  


  • SET GOALS. Give yourself a goal.
  • PLAN. Make a fitness or activity plan.
  • DON’T DO IT ALONE. Make plans with friends.
  • ADD SOME VARIETY. It helps keep it interesting.
  • TRACK PROGRESS. There is nothing more motivational than seeing results so make sure to track your progress.
  • REWARDS. When you’ve reached a goal – celebrate!
Happy New Year 2020 from the Markland Clinic
Happy New Year from the Markland Clinic

Free Body MOT…

We have a FREE Body MOT offer available until the end of January to help you take care of those aches, pain and niggles and prepare for the year ahead.  

Dale or George will complete a full assessment to ensure you will be fit and ready to commence a year of enjoyment, activity and fun!

The team at the Markland Clinic thrive on improving and enhancing YOUR quality of life for a happy new year in 2020.

Please give us a call now on 01285 654059 for your free MOT and start your year the right way!

FREE Body MOT from the Markland Clinic.  Keeping you Moving!
Get your Aches, Pains & Niggles checked out for FREE!

Can one of our amazing physios help you, this New Year..?

If you have any aches, pains or would like a program to prepare for any activity or sport, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01285 654059.

Or drop us a message on any of our social media channels… Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / Twitter.

You can book an appointment or speak to a physio here get in touch.

Let us help you to recover, re-gain your movement and be pain-free!

Why not check out our What Hurts? page. We have advice for each part of the body and free guides to help you to be pain-free – simply Click here.

Keep on moving this New Year!

Dale Turner

Physiotherapist at the Markland Clinic

Dale Physio Markland
Dale Turner, Physio at the Markland Clinic

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