Get fit for the slopes!


Always tired half way through your ski or snowboard holiday? Concerned about
an old injury or a potential injury. The answer is to prepare your body during
the weeks leading up to your holiday – it will improve performance and reduces
the chance of injuries and falls .

Specific training is important because winter sports use different muscles to
exercise that you do at home like cycling, playing tennis and running and many
people don’t know how to work them.

Training is all the more important because ski resorts are at high altitude, and
it’s pretty intense being on the slopes all day every day. And because you’re on
holiday the aim of the game is to enjoy it, and not have the fun curtailed by even
a mild strains and aching joints.

Performed regularly, the following drills will help improve overall fitness ,
posture, balance and even technique.

Ski Specific:

Wall Squat
Step Ups
Lateral Jumps
Walking lunge with trunk rotation
Hack squat

Snowboarding specific:

Dead lift
Cobra back extensions
Sideways crab walk
Plyometric jumping rotations
Medicine ball woodchopper


These are all very effective exercises to help develop ski/ snowboarding strength
and fitness. If you are at all concerned or would like a program specific to your
needs please contact us at the Markland Clinic for a full musculoskeletal

Abigail Weber

Physiotherapist at The Markland Clinic

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