Kate completed the Cotswold Super Sprint!


Kate took part in the 20th Cotswold Super Sprint Triathlon Event and completed the course with an impressive time of 1h 25m!

The Cotswold Super Sprint takes place at The Cotswold Country Park and Beach, part of Britain’s largest water park, the Cotswold Water Park.

The Waterland lake is usually used for swimming, canoeing, wind surfing and fishing. It is set in a beautifully landscaped area which has a children’s beach and play areas, a beachfront café, volleyball courts and BBQ/picnic areas; a brilliant venue to bring all the family.

If you’ve ever thought about taking part in a triathlon or cold swim event good preparation is key!

I have a process for Cold Water Swimming.  Getting in is always the worst part!

  • Walk in slowly, splash your face and neck.
  • Then open the neck of your wetsuit and let the cold water in (really!), push it down your suit, it will warm up and it will also help the wetsuit move better!
  • Then, face in, blow bubbles and just look into the water.
  • The main thing is to breathe steadily and think calm thoughts!
  • Start swimming and focus on exhaling this will help relax you.

If you’re thinking of taking part in any sporting event to compete or raise money for charity get in touch, we can help you.  From advice to preparing your body!

Call us on 01285 654059 or book an appointment online at the top of this page.

As our Physiotherapist Dale say’s “Keep on moving!”

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