Common Shoulder Problems


Your shoulders have to do a lot of work and shoulder pain is very common.

Do you get pain in your shoulder when sleeping on it?  Do you get pain in your shoulder, when playing tennis or swimming? Is your shoulder stopping you reaching behind your back or picking up your child? Have you noticed less movement in your shoulder? Do you feel a pinching when you lift your arm up to the side?

Not to worry, here at The Markland Clinic, we help thousands of people with Shoulder problems each year!

So in this blog, I want to talk you through one of the most common reasons why those frustrating shoulder symptoms may have started.

The shoulder is formed by the head of the humerus (long bone in the upper arm) moving on the glenoid fossa (a small round concave surface attached to the shoulder blade). The shoulder is supported by loads of structures like; ligaments, tendons, bursas (fluid sacs that reduce friction) and muscles predominately the rotator cuff.

When your shoulder pain starts any one of those structures or potentially a few of them could be at fault. Fault doesn’t necessarily mean damaged! Very often structures like the rotator cuff muscles are weak, or just irritated. This is known as Subacromial Pain Syndrome.

The shoulder loves movement but very often one of those deep structures within that shoulder can become irritated which can reduce movement, create pain and generally make you feel a bit rubbish. Everyone’s shoulder is unique and everyone uses their shoulder in a unique way, so this means the thing causing the irritation, the treatment approach and exercises you do will need to be tailored to you. For example, some people may get the pain when reaching up, swimming front crawl, others when reaching behind their back to put their coat on.


Not to worry! Our Physiotherapists can help you identify what is aggravating your shoulder pain. We will be able to understand you and your shoulder pain in order to devise a treatment plan with exercises to get you stronger, reduce and even get rid of pain and most importantly make you happy.

Here’s a simple exercise for stiff shoulders…


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Keep moving,


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