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Stuart had rehab after a knee operation for osteochondritis.

Please can you pass on our thanks to your physio Karen for all her help.  My son, Stuart*, was seen by her as part of his rehab from a knee operation performed by Mr James Murray at Southmead Hospital in January 2018 to deal with osteochondritis (a knee condition which affects the joints).

Rob Gleeson recommended The Markland Clinic after Stuart’s initial arthroscopy.

Karen was great at encouraging him to feel secure about working on strengthening his knee at a time when he felt understandably anxious about any more pain. Her can do attitude really inspired him to get off the crutches ASAP!

Stuart has just been seen today and his MRI has shown that his recovery is almost complete and that he can finally get back to his beloved cricket.

Many thanks for excellent care and encouragement.



Gail had physio at The Markland Clinic  after a hip operation. 

A very belated and huge thank you for looking after me after my hip operation. I really can’t begin to say how I would not be running around now without all your sessions you gave me.

Things have been very tough indeed and I’ve needed to be very strong and brave.  I’m so lucky this hip has recovered so well after your special care towards me.  As I said to my mum, there are some special people in this world you’re one of them.

Your kindness towards me and my boys has been overwhelming.

Many Thanks



Roy  had problems with neck pain when he first came to see us. 

Just to let you know, I summited Mont Blanc on Friday, just gone and ran the 1000metre Chamonix Vertical kilometre this morning.  Mont Blanc was far from without incident. It’s the lowest big mountain I’ve done, but the only one I suffered with altitude sickness.

We had a major incident with a German guide trying to take over our ropes on a 100metre ice wall which was sort of fun at 4am.

I am more grateful for you getting my neck back to some kind of normality than you will ever know. I was in quite a bit of pain when I first saw you. I have not had any pain or finger tingling whatsoever since being out here. Which goes to show, as per your last email blog, it’s posture.

Anyway, I’m in to see you next week.

Back to the UK now then Scotland on Weds for some more outdoor fun.

Thanks again 

Roy Partington

*Names have been changed to protect clients.

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“The Markland team are experienced, they are also good listeners and they really know their job.”

Caroline, Cirencester


“In terms of value for money, communication and attention to care, the Markland Clinic really has proven itself to be the ideal.”

William, Cirencester

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