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Teaching & Training at the Markland Clinic

We work hard to train & teach the next generation of Physios to help you! Watch & Read more… How we Teach & Train your physio… Hi there everyone, George here from the Markland Clinic. In this short blog, I want to tell you a little more about what we do here in the Markland…(Read More)

Watch Madeleine talk about her placement and learning with the Markland Physios… My 10-week placement at the clinic… Hi, my name is Madeleine Follet. I’m a student physiotherapist from Worcester University and I’m currently on a 10-week placement at the Markland Clinic learning with George and Dale. I’m really excited…(Read More)

Kay Ransom is a professional photographer and videographer based in Cirencester.Kay is part of our amazing team at the clinic. She takes all our photos and videos some of which you will have seen on our social media channels, leaflets and posters. So, when Kay came into the clinic recently we wanted to find…(Read More)

Watch and read more about this fantastic offer… At the Markland Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a complete rehabilitation journey for each one of our clients so that you can achieve your goals. We do this by creating an individual pathway of improvement for each of our clients. We closely monitor your condition throughout…(Read More)

Tracey’s Experience


Working with Physios! Tracey our wonderful receptionist talks about her experience of the Markland Clinic and how lucky it can be to work with physios! Could we help you too? For more inspirational stories visit… Client Stories If you have had any pain or injury get in touch with us today and…(Read More)

The Markland Clinic Team would like to say thank you to all our clients for choosing us and trusting us to aid their recovery and keeping them in a physically well state.  We all thoroughly enjoy working with you all and want to say thank you for your support over the years.  We…(Read More)

We can hardly believe that we are in our 10th Year of The Markland Clinic! Hi, I’m Kate, the owner of the Markland Clinic. We’ve been trading now for nine years, which I couldn’t believe. When I looked back at our records and we started off here in the Cotswold Leisure centre…(Read More)

Client Story: Bea Kenny Bea is a county and regional swimmer who hurt her knee when doing land training. Despite the intense pain, Bea was able to tolerate a full assessment with our Physio Dale who determined that Bea had unfortunately damaged her medial collateral ligament. At first, Bea’s knee was extremely painful to…(Read More)

Guide To Running Footwear Ground Reaction Forces Ground reaction forces are created when the foot strikes the ground.Impact force can be as strong as 3x bodyweight depending on the speed of the run.The running shoe is designed to stop the downward movement force and transfer it to an upward movement force for each…(Read More)

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