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Personal Transition and Business Team Coach  The Psychology of Rehabilitation  Two very different sporting injuries completely changed my approach to physical recovery.  The first was a serious neck injury, which left me with restricted movement and a tendency to get a very stiff neck and shoulders.  The second was a ruptured…(Read More)

Client Story: Bea Kenny Bea is a county and regional swimmer who hurt her knee when doing land training. Despite the intense pain, Bea was able to tolerate a full assessment with our Physio Dale who determined that Bea had unfortunately damaged her medial collateral ligament. At first, Bea’s knee was extremely painful to…(Read More)

Guide To Running Footwear Ground Reaction Forces Ground reaction forces are created when the foot strikes the ground.Impact force can be as strong as 3x bodyweight depending on the speed of the run.The running shoe is designed to stop the downward movement force and transfer it to an upward movement force for each…(Read More)

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Not looking after myself nearly cost me my running! Read on to find out what happened to Holly and if you have an ache, pain or injury that’s stopping you doing what you love, book an appointment. Why not check out the most common Ankle & Foot problems. I love the endorphins rushing through…(Read More)

MRI Scans


Private MRI scans These are a vital tool in the diagnosis of some injuries.  Occasionally we may recommend that you need an MRI scan to assist your recovery. Alternatively, having been told by your GP that you are to be referred for an MRI scan, but you may have to wait for an appointment…(Read More)

Have you seen a surgeon and had an operation? Or are contemplating whether surgery is for you? How can we help you before surgery? We aim to start treatment early to prepare you for surgery. We will work with you on exercises to maximise the muscle strength, length and joint range of movement, to…(Read More)

As a Physiotherapist I see a huge number of patients come through my door with a large variety of explanations as to why they are getting their pain and how they can solve it. This can come from other health care professionals or the internet, with the latter creating a whole manner of quirky explanations…(Read More)

Introducing Kate & how The Markland Clinic started! Founder Kate Markland is a trusted health expert with international experience and a nationwide reputation. It all began 8 years ago.  Kate was out running when she decided to take a leap of faith and create a clinic delivering high-quality care for clients and a…(Read More)

(and make it successful)! The Top 3 Tips! In life, we will all go through change, from primary to secondary school, or maybe changing jobs or even quitting smoking. Change is hard. It’s a concept that pushes us outside our comfort barrier and makes us face new challenges many of which we feel unprepared…(Read More)

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