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Workplace Wellbeing with the Markland Clinic

Workplace Wellbeing is extremely important and technology is helping to make it even easier! Below I have a look at some of the new Workplace Wellbeing Developments. Sit to Stand Desks Sit-to-stand desks are an advancement in technology that aid physical health, they are height adjustable which help to promote transitioning from sitting…(Read More)

Training at the Markland Clinic

About Me… My name is Lauren Evans and I am a second-year physiotherapy student at the University of Worcester currently on placement here at the Markland clinic. Lauren, Student Physiotherapist at the Markland Clinic In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and rock climbing. Why Physiotherapy? I decided to study physiotherapy after injuring…(Read More)

The Wealth of Good Health with Physiotherapy

Our clients know the wealth behind good health in work and life… How can good health impact on your life? A lot of our clients come to us on a regular basis as they know that their wellbeing is really important to be able to do what they love! Whether that’s being able to…(Read More)

When Should I See a Physiotherapist

When Should I Go And See A Physiotherapist? It’s a question many people ask, read on to find out what a Physiotherapist can do and when you should make an appointment to see one. The Team at the Markland Physiotherapy Clinic What can Physiotherapists help with? Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or…(Read More)

The Top 5 Exercises for Neck Pain that you can even do at work! Neck Pain… Neck pain is one of those conditions that can strike at any time. It could be from long periods of working at a desk or sleeping in a peculiar position that can aggravate the structures within the neck. Whilst…(Read More)

Prevention Over Cure with the Markland Clinic

Prevention Over Cure


One of our main ethos here at the Markland clinic is the Idea of trying to prevent a problem. Prevention over Cure. We try to achieve this by implementing certain strategies rather than wait to have to cure a problem. The main reason for this is that it is a whole lot easier and a…(Read More)

Posture Tips, Ease Aches and Pains at work

I’ve had this question asked in my clinic many times and I wanted to share with you the power of Posture and how it can help you at work. ‘Kate, I’ve recently had a Repetitive Strain Injury from work. Although I’ve been given a wrist rest for when I’m on the…(Read More)

Top tips for Work Exercise Balance

Find out the benefits of exercise at work and how it can help avoid back pain, knee pain and more! This Blog is predominately aimed at those of you who work at a desk, maybe at home or in an office. Musculoskeletal disorders (like back pain, knee issues and wrist conditions) are the leading cause…(Read More)

The Work Exercise Balance for Life

Do you have the right work, exercise, life balance? In our busy modern lives, many of us struggle to do exercise or activity regularly. Potentially due to other commitments like work or family. Or maybe because we don’t understand why we need to do exercise or know how. So this blog is a little…(Read More)

Worplace Wellbeing - Posture

Posture at Work


How does Posture at Work affect you? In the last few years, the topic of posture has been thoroughly scrutinised in the world of physiotherapy, in its relation to pain. The traditional view of Posture… A traditional definition of posture would read something like; Posture is the position in which you hold your body upright…(Read More)

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