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Despite understanding the importance of aerobic exercise on our body, many of you who struggle with Lower Back Pain can find this kind of exercise really difficult and therefore painful due to the impact for instance running can cause. This blog will aim to give you a few extra ideas about certain types of cardio…(Read More)

Back pain, specifically lower back pain accounts for around 50% of all clients we see here at The Markland Clinic. Recent studies demonstrated that over 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life (1) . But the big question is why? To answer this question we need to look…(Read More)

We frequently get asked questions such as- Will running cause backache? Am I safe to return to running? Should I stop running to help my back? Will I end up with chronic back pain because I run so much? We have good news for all you keen runners…. Running is GOOD for your BACK!!!! There…(Read More)

We’ve all heard and read about what can cause back pain; incorrect lifting, bad posture, sports injury… but did you know that you could be making a few common mistakes in your daily routine, which might actually be encouraging back pain? So in today’s blog post, I’ll discuss the top three things…(Read More)

If you suffer from a back pain, then this article is really going to help you! But first, let me start by asking you something… How much water have you drunk today? For most people, the answer would be “not enough”. From everything we drink and swim in, to the ice that reduces swelling, water…(Read More)

It’s that magical time of year when long summer evenings call for lots of parties and dancing the night away in the summer breeze… it’s also a time when our Physio Rooms are buzzing with holiday plans and plenty of party invites… and that means lots of drinks on ice! If you’re…(Read More)

Let’s talk about exercise and back pain… Last week I had a question about back pain asked by one of our patients, Jackie, 58, from Cirencester – and it’s one that we get asked often (especially since the January gym rush!): “Is it ok to exercise when my back is hurting? I’ve just…(Read More)

It’s that magical time of year when the town’s Christmas lights go up, and the Physio Rooms is crammed full of mince pies and tins of chocolate, and after working hard all year, our festive office party is just around the corner. Have you got your Christmas parties scribbled on your calendar already…(Read More)

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Do you suffer from back pain? Would you like to improve your posture, core stability and strength? Our Physiotherapist Karen is here to help! Karen is running a FREE  rehabilitation class for back pain sufferers that will not only improve your strength and fitness, but will also increase your comfort in everyday life!  The class…(Read More)

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