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Back to Work – Workplace Wellbeing


We hope you had a great Christmas & New Year. Now it’s back to work but let’s start this year and decade the right way, Workplace wellbeing is really important!

Workplace Wellbeing, Back to Work with the Markland Clinic

Workplace Wellbeing… Back to Work

Workplace wellbeing relates to all aspects of our working life, from the quality and safety of the physical environment that we work in, to how we feel deep down about our work and the work organisation itself.

Wellbeing is about people and conditions being created for us all to thrive in. Being able to achieve wellbeing, not just in the workplace but in our own lives is vital.

By taking control over conditions in which we can control such as our health, happiness and satisfaction will set the foundations for greater productivity and longevity, not just in the workplace but in our very own lives.

Remember take control of your life and you will thrive.

Below are my top tips for workplace wellbeing…

Posture is Key…

Whatever it is that you do, improving your posture could decrease depression and tiredness, and generally make your body – and you – work better.

Setup Your Desk Correctly…

Setting up your work environment correctly can make a big difference in your mood as well as preventing aches and pains.

Setting up Your Desk Correctly with the Markland Clinic


Make sure that the size you’re using fits in the area that you’re working in, as it needs to be centred, NOT off to one side of the desk.


The keyboard should be flat, not banked up into a positive tilt. (Although this can be a personal preference).


When you sit to perform a task, your spine is most comfortable when it is in a “neutral posture” an upright position halfway between full-forward bending and backward arching.

Avoiding injury and pain?

The back muscles, ligaments and discs can be strained from slumped sitting and by sitting unsupported for long periods. It is very important to have a chair that fits well and that you sit properly in the chair.


If you have a laptop computer you need to follow the same guidelines, plus consider the following:

Back to work - Workplace Wellbeing
  • Do not use it in unsuitable environments
  • Ensure you have a docking station, monitor screen, monitor riser, keyboard and mouse whilst at work.
  • Try to ensure that the keyboard is at the right level and that the screen is tilted so that you’re not always straining your neck
  • Always try to use a separate mouse rather than the control pad for moving the cursor.

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