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Do you suffer with back pain?  Does it spread in to your bottom or down your leg?  Are stiff in the morning? Finding sitting painful?  Struggling to put your socks and dread getting in and out of the car? Back pain can be extremely debilitating, make us feel old and it can be scary…. will…(Read More)

It’s that magical time of year when the town’s Christmas lights go up, and the Physio Rooms is crammed full of mince pies and tins of chocolate, and after working hard all year, our festive office party is just around the corner. Have you got your Christmas parties scribbled on your calendar already…(Read More)

A friendly, people loving, Physiotherapist is required to join our award winning Physiotherapy team. As a small business we: – care for our clients, believe in brightening everyones day and delivering services with integrity, care and compassion. These values are as important as clinical skills – deliver tailored Physiotherapy to all clients, considering and implementing…(Read More)

Are your joints starting to feel stiff lately? Do they ache more than usual? Have you noticed any clicks and cracks coming from your knees? If you’re struggling to put your finger on it and you’re not sure why it’s happening to you -chances are you’re not alone. Many people just…(Read More)

I’m going to guess that you’re reading this article because you enjoy running (or know someone who does)… Or you’ve read the title and thought it sounds crazy – what could possibly be good about running in the cold, right? I’m not going to pretend that I ‘enjoy’ stepping outside on a…(Read More)

It’s almost Winter, and you might really hate it! It can be ‘too cold’, ‘too dark’, you can feel a bit low and blue, stressed out and worn down. And with the colder weather for some people, can come a few health concerns and challenges during the winter months. But even though it may…(Read More)

Lets talk about Autumn. And the number one thing that most people stop doing when this time of year comes round – getting outdoors. While summer may strike you as the best time to be outside as much as possible – Autumn is also the perfect time to enjoy the fresh air (in fact, it…(Read More)

NEW *Back Class*


Do you suffer from back pain? Would you like to improve your posture, core stability and strength? Our Physiotherapist Karen is here to help! Karen is running a FREE  rehabilitation class for back pain sufferers that will not only improve your strength and fitness, but will also increase your comfort in everyday life!  The class…(Read More)

Have you met Sean?


Hello Sean here! I am sure you have wondered who the new face is, in and around the clinic – you have probably noticed the scottish accent more than anything! I thought I’d write a quick blog to introduce you all to ME, the new Scottish Physiotherapist. I have heard the question so many times…(Read More)

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