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(and get moving more!) Long hours typing away, staring at a screen with infrequent breaks for coffee. Sound familiar? Modern life has many of us working in incredibly sedentary jobs. We lie down and sleep, drive to work, sit at work, drive home then do it all over again. When simplified down it’s easy…(Read More)

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain in Work & Life


Our Shoulders & Pain in Work & Life The shoulder is an efficient combination of joints, muscles and tendons that enable a wide variety of movement and range of motion. It is considered the most mobile joint in our body.  The shoulder joint is thought to be one of the most complex joints…(Read More)

Posture Tips, Ease Aches and Pains at work

I’ve had this question asked in my clinic many times and I wanted to share with you the power of Posture and how it can help you at work. ‘Kate, I’ve recently had a Repetitive Strain Injury from work. Although I’ve been given a wrist rest for when I’m on the…(Read More)

Top tips for Work Exercise Balance

Find out the benefits of exercise at work and how it can help avoid back pain, knee pain and more! This Blog is predominately aimed at those of you who work at a desk, maybe at home or in an office. Musculoskeletal disorders (like back pain, knee issues and wrist conditions) are the leading cause…(Read More)

The Work Exercise Balance for Life

Work & Exercise Balance


Do you have the right work, exercise, life balance? In our busy modern lives, many of us struggle to do exercise or activity regularly. Potentially due to other commitments like work or family. Or maybe because we don’t understand why we need to do exercise or know how. So this blog is a little…(Read More)

Happy New Year Blog from the Markland Clinic

A New Year, A New You? We hope you have had a great Christmas! And here’s to a Happy New Year for 2020! 2020 will be a healthier year for us all.   TOP TIPS! SET GOALS. Give yourself a goal.PLAN. Make a fitness or activity plan.DON’T DO IT ALONE…(Read More)

Enjoy the winter pain free

Get fit for the slopes!


Enjoy your winter activities with the Markland Clinic and get fit for the slopes! Avoid injuries and tiredness… Always tired halfway through your ski or snowboard holiday? Concerned about an old injury or a potential injury? The answer is to prepare your body during the weeks leading up to your holiday. It will help to…(Read More)

Winter Aches & Pains

It’s almost Winter, and you might really hate it but there are ways to have a healthy, happy winter! Are you feeling the winter blues? It can be ‘too cold’, ‘too dark’, you can feel a bit low and blue, stressed out and worn down. And with the colder weather, for some of us…(Read More)

Markland Physio Winter

Winter Aches & Pains


Why Do Aches And Pains Feel Worse In Winter? Do any of these questions apply to you? Are your joints starting to feel stiff lately?Do they ache more than usual? Have you noticed any clicks and cracks coming from your knees? If you’re struggling to put your finger on it and you’re…(Read More)

Help with your pain

Recently lots of people have asked how we stay up to date with research, treatments and more within Physiotherapy. Watch more below… Keeping up to date… Teaching at the University One of the things I like to do is to lecture at the University of Worcester. I usually lecture once a week. It’s where…(Read More)