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Hi everyone my name is George, the other fresh face you may have seen around the Markland Clinic. This blog will hopefully serve as a little introduction for you all as well as filling you in on some of my passions and core beliefs. I graduated from the University of Worcester with a 1st class…(Read More)

Swimmer’s shoulder


One of the worst injuries a swimmer can sustain is to the rotator cuff. Known as ‘swimmer’s shoulder’ this is a common problem that is often caused by overuse and misuse of the correct swimming technique. Symptoms of Swimmer’s Shoulder The usual symptoms of swimmer’s shoulder are; impaired posture, lack of glenohumeral…(Read More)

Have you ever had that feeling of agony across the front of your shin when exercising? Well this pain is the shin splints and it is important to understand that this is a symptom, not a condition. Shin splints are painful and can be very limiting, causing you to have trouble during exercise. As shin…(Read More)

Osgood Schlatters


Osgood Schlatters, sounds unusual doesn’t it? In fact this is an overuse injury affecting commonly teenagers where only one knee suffers tremendous pain. This is usually due to changes at the bone/tendon junction at the top of the shin bone (tibia) where the tendon from the knee cap attaches to the bone, there…(Read More)

Knee pain, especially at the front of the knee and under the kneecap, is a common condition often called patellofemoral joint pain or anterior knee pain. Put simply it is an irritation of the cartilage on the underside of the patella (kneecap). It typically flares up during or after long runs and other high endurance…(Read More)

Calf Strain


Calf strain is the most common cause of calf pain while other causes of calf pain can include muscle cramp, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and referred pain from the lumbar spine. The most common cause of pain in the lower leg however is a strain to the musculotendinous complex of the Gastrocnemius and/or…(Read More)

Knee injuries are a fact of life in any sport but over the past 30-35 years serious knee sprains, usually involving the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), have become an inherent risk of modern Alpine skiing, with more than 70,000 sustained each year by skiers. The ACL is located near the centre of the…(Read More)

Typically, groin injuries occur during sporting activity when an athlete stops suddenly, starts to move suddenly, or makes a sharp change in direction. The force of the sudden movement can overstretch or tear a muscle or tendon. When groin injuries happen, one of the adductor muscles become injured and tendinous. The abductor’s are made…(Read More)

Hip/groin pain in young adults is not common and this can mean sufferers are misdiagnosed. This guest post has been written by Lisa. Not only has Lisa experienced hip pain and surgery she is also a physiotherapist and former colleague. Lisa’s hip pain “I was a 29 year old fit active female with…(Read More)

Good posture is the secret to preventing many pains, specifically back pain, neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain. If you spend many hours in the car good driving posture will play a key role in the prevention of your back pain. However, bear in mind any posture, no matter how good it is, could ultimately…(Read More)

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