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Useful tips to prevent your knees from stopping you do what you love. Here are my top 3 exercises for knees: Easy to do in the comfort of your own home. Top 3 Exercises for Knee Pain – Knee bends What does it do: This is a simple yet highly underutilised little exercise for getting…(Read More)

Stop or Ease Headaches Migraines without painkillers

Have you ever had a headache so bad it’s made you want to hide and crawl under a dark blanket? Headaches and migraines can be annoying or even debilitating. So is it really possible that… You Don’t Need Painkillers To Ease Headaches And Migraines? A headache from your shoulder? They often feel like…(Read More)

Exercises for lower back pain

Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain Lower back pain is the most common musculoskeletal presentation we as physiotherapists see within our clinic. So common that 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their life. Simple Exercises to Manage & Prevent Back Pain… Here are five simple exercises that can help manage and…(Read More)

Lower Back Pain at Work

How to Treat Lower Back Pain at Work Lower back pain at work can affect your concentration, productivity and general workplace wellbeing. If you work for long periods at a desk, for example, it’s important to make sure you set up your desk and environment to be as comfortable as possible. In a previous…(Read More)

Workplace Wellbeing with the Markland Clinic

Workplace Wellbeing is extremely important and technology is helping to make it even easier! Below I have a look at some of the new Workplace Wellbeing Developments. Sit to Stand Desks Sit-to-stand desks are an advancement in technology that aid physical health, they are height adjustable which help to promote transitioning from sitting…(Read More)

5 Facts About Your Knees!


5 Facts About Your Knees & How They are Structured… Knee pain and problems can affect daily life and work. Knees are small but almost everything you do with your legs requires your knees! Their hinging action allows your legs to bend and straighten, which you need for standing, walking, crouching, jumping, and turning. You…(Read More)

Training at the Markland Clinic

About Me… My name is Lauren Evans and I am a second-year physiotherapy student at the University of Worcester currently on placement here at the Markland clinic. Lauren, Student Physiotherapist at the Markland Clinic In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and rock climbing. Why Physiotherapy? I decided to study physiotherapy after injuring…(Read More)

The Wealth of Good Health with Physiotherapy

Our clients know the wealth behind good health in work and life… How can good health impact on your life? A lot of our clients come to us on a regular basis as they know that their wellbeing is really important to be able to do what they love! Whether that’s being able to…(Read More)

When Should I See a Physiotherapist

When Should I Go And See A Physiotherapist? It’s a question many people ask, read on to find out what a Physiotherapist can do and when you should make an appointment to see one. The Team at the Markland Physiotherapy Clinic What can Physiotherapists help with? Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or…(Read More)

Learning to help you be pain free

About Me… My name is Caragh and I am a second-year physiotherapy student at the University of Worcester.  I’m currently on placement at the Markland Clinic Learning how to help you be Pain Free! Caragh, Physiotherapy Student at the University of Worcester I participated in a wide range of sports growing up…(Read More)

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