Achilles Tendon Injury


A Client experience when rehabilitating from Achilles Tendon Injury told in her own words…

My Achilles Tendon Recovery.

I sustained a very sore Achilles tendon injury from playing badminton.  My leg was extremely sore and I had difficulty walking.  I was referred to a physio via my GP following examination confirmation of Achilles tendinopathy. 

The treatment I received seemed very limited and improvement was very slow.  Due to this a large degree of frustration and discomfort, it guided me to seek alternative physiotherapy advice.

This lead me to Abigail Weber at The Markland Clinic.  I received what I can only describe as a detailed assessment identifying the exact location of my discomfort and problem.

I received a deep massage which I understand was transverse frictions. 

Despite this being uncomfortable at the time of treatment I felt an immediate improvement in my pain.  I was given exercises which were linked to everyday activities and whenever I brushed my teeth I also exercised my Achilles tendon by heal raises.   

Abigail recognised that I have a busy lifestyle and struggled to integrate extra activities and therefore linking it to something I already to do played a huge role in my improvement.

This along with some further treatment sped my recovery up and I have since returned to normal day to day life.  I am now able to enjoy my badminton and walk my dogs without having to worry about the pain. 

Despite being pain-free I continue to do my heal raises. 

I highly recommend Abigail and I’m very confident in referring friends and family to her.

Thank you very much, Abigail, for all your help and guidance.

A word from Abigail…

We love hearing feedback from our clients on their experiences. It helps us to provide the best possible care and treatment. There is no greater feeling than when our clients achieve their goals.

If you’ve recently suffered from aches, pains or an injury or if you have any questions and would like to book a session don’t hesitate to call us on 01285 654059 or book an appointment online and we can put your mind at ease.

If you’ve suffered an ankle or foot injury, check out What Hurts? for advice and tips.

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Abi, Clinic Manager & Lead Physio

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