10 years of The Markland Clinic!


We can hardly believe that we are in our 10th Year of The Markland Clinic!

Hi, I’m Kate, the owner of the Markland Clinic.

We’ve been trading now for nine years, which I couldn’t believe. When I looked back at our records and we started off here in the Cotswold Leisure centre in Cirencester, just with me and a single room upstairs.

Then over time, we expanded to four clinics across the region.

Cirencester has always been our focus and our hub and we decided to close the other three sites for various reasons.

We brought everything back to Cirencester to focus our passion on providing the best service and care possible.

So, over the nine years, I’ve learnt an awful lot about how to run a business and how to deliver physiotherapy.

The main reason I set up the clinic in the first place was that I was extremely frustrated with the NHS model and not being able to deliver the care that I wanted to deliver.

When I trained to be a physiotherapist, I always had this idea that I wanted to have happy clients and a happy team and I believe that’s what we created here in Cirencester.

This year we have some new team members who’ve got an awful lot of enthusiasm and passion.

So I’m really looking forward to where the next 12 months take us in terms of how we can continue to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the population of Cirencester.

Thanks for watching & reading and if you need any information, advice or help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01285 654059

We’re here for you.


Specialist Physiotherapist & Founder of The Markland Clinic

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